Yesterday, while looking through some old boxes with notes from my university years, I discovered a crumpled up piece of paper, its sides torn and the bottom part missing completely. Somehow I managed to make out the letters that formed the words from the beginning to the end of the page, hoping that somehow I had succeeded in copying the text correctly. The original text was in Greek. Since the word formation and use is uncommon in the Greek language, I had to translate it for you while trying to keep it as close as possible to the original. Of course some things will not make any sense in English, as they do not make any sense in the original Greek. Here it goes anyway:

“Passing through forests full of brooks and ferns, splashing about in muddy ponds, crackling songs or sighs, The Kiteron remains well hidden from the eyes of the world. There are moments in this forest of endless solitude, glimpses of the otherworldly beauty that looks like the paradise described by the French composer, the instance when The Kiteron appears in the visible spheres, which nonetheless remain invisible to us. We call them that because they do not form the reality that the human eye can detect, and though it is surely some kind of reality, it still remains the sort of dimension which man cannot yet perceive. When can it be perceived then? Like every forest, so too does this paradise comprise some hidden clearings, where the trees become scarcer and, like magic, a patch of land appears all green, shining under the white rays of the sun, as swarms of insects fly all around it, every kind of moth imaginable and every kind of micro-organism, all palpate under the light in the same way a jellyfish palpates underwater – transparent as it is. Slowly and seductively, always in the appropriate rhythm, in some form of exotic dance, like two naked bodies which have been longing for each other for a while now, and even though they come closer, sometimes just a hair’s breadth away, they never get to touch each other. This feeling, just before bodily contact, which is doomed to an eternity destined not to be fulfilled, is the very heart and the pulse of The Kiteron that gives it the palpable dancing movement, and it is the same combination of desolation and sublime happiness (much like the state of nirvana) that make it produce these sounds without a beginning or an end, and only with a beginning and an end. It is said that man, even at clearings (which form the only place The Kiteron appears in the one dimension which might one day be perceived by our world), has not yet seen The Kiteron. And when he does, he will get this awkward feeling that no word or set of words can describe, even though ancient myths say it approximates the reaction of sea and sky if they were to come together one day, since The Kiteron is present before and after all of us and everywhere around us and in different dimensions; nevertheless it mainly enjoys passing through us, we often act as its favourite toy – a favourite gateway if you like, and it is also believed that this is how it pulls the strings, once in a while and in every while…”

I don’t know how to explain it but, reading the above text, I was left wondering whether this was indeed some kind of extract or a full text. And if the former is true, then where is the rest of it? When was this given to me and by whom? Why was it in the book where I had found it in the first place? Too many questions, I know, but by reading it, I really felt a sense of awe and contemplation. And one thing is for sure: I really need to know what this is all about. This is why I ask for your help. Any kind of assistance would be more than just useful…


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